Forest Enterprise Network (FEN): Total enterprise results - Business indicators by forest zones and main product areas
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Forest Enterprise Network (FEN)
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FSO - Forest Enterprise Network - © FSO
FSO - STAT-TAB / Federal Statistical Office, 2010 Neuchâtel / Switzerland / © Federal Statistical Office


Meta information:
Last change: new data set 2018
State of the database: 31.12.2018
Reference period: calendar year
Spatial reference: Switzerland/Swiss forest zones
Data source: Forest Enterprise Network FEN, WaldSchweiz
FEN: Forest Enterprise Network of Switzerland (200 selected forest enterprises 2008-2014; 160 selected forest enterprises since 2015, evaluations based on full cost accounting)
Return on sales (%)
Shows the efficiency or inefficiency of a main product range in a forest zone by dividing the profit/loss by the sales.
Proportion of own contribution (%)
The proportion of own contribution refers to the proportion of total costs generated by the company's own forestry operations.
Contribution margin Ia (CHF/ha)
Revenues excluding timber harvesting costs of own felling (only felled use; without standing use, changes in inventories, contributions)
Contribution margin Ib (CHF/ha)
Revenues excluding timber harvesting costs of the product timber harvesting incl. standing use and changes in inventories (without contributions). Revenues excluding production costs incl. changes in inventories goods- and services production.
Contribution margin I (CHF/ha)
Contribution margin lb incl. contributions from public authorities
Contribution margin II (CHF/ha)
Contribution margin I minus the netto costs for logging equipment and the infrastructure
Contribution margin IIIa (CHF/ha)
Contribution margin II minus the netto costs for the regular silviculture
Contribution margin III (CHF/ha)
Contribution margin IIIa minus the netto costs for nature conservation, protection, recreation and other forst uses
Contribution margin IV (CHF/ha)
Contribution margin III minus the netto costs for real estate and facilities, as well as protection structure maintenance and depreciation
Contribution margin V (CHF/ha)
Contribution margin IV minus the netto costs for management, incl. the other revenues. Corresponds to the success of the main product area.